You are Watching The Last Nazi Hunter 2 (2015)

The Last Nazi Hunter 2 (2015)

Watch The Last Nazi Hunter 2 (2015) Full Movie Online in HD.

After a hard life of chasing nazis, Jacob Cohn is on his death bed. Recently, he found that one of the most bloodiest nazis, who almost killed him in a concentration camp, is hiding in Portugal. Friederich Haas was known also as the Dachau Dentist for pulling the teeth of the prisoners mouth, one by one, just for fun. Without alternatives, being to weak to go after him, Jacob sends his pacifist and shy grandson, Jean Luc to finish his last mission. Jean Luc has to go to Portugal and bring Friederich Haas’ teeth to his grandfather.

Genre: AdventureDramaShort




Duration: 15

Quality: HD




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