You are Watching The Curse of Willow Song (2020)

The Curse of Willow Song (2020)

Watch The Curse of Willow Song (2020) Full Movie Online in HD.

Having served her time for arson, Willow Song is now fending for herself on the unforgiving streets of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. There, she’s asked to contend with the squalid condition of her SRO, a sketchy bestie, her ongoing struggle to stay clean, constant harassment in her workplace and festering resentment towards Asian-Canadians. With the fates seemingly conspiring against her, she’s thrown a lifeline by a figure from her past. As Willow holes up in an abandoned warehouse, her latent psychokinetic abilities manifest and an uncanny transformation commences.

Genre: Uncategorized

Duration: 90

Quality: HD



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